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Nationwide Driven Transport

Our 3.5T bespoke horsebox is newly built with 8’ height for the bigger horses, well ventilated. Stallion 
partition layout, for maximum safety and comfort while your horses are onboard.
The partition can be removed if required for extra room.

We cover nationwide driven transport for yard moves, vet visits, clinics, horses moving homes, to and from stud, and much more. 

The box is always cleaned and disinfected after every hire or transport job with Virkon.

The box is maintained to a high standard and regularly serviced. We are covered for transport with Millins Insurance and breakdown recovery with Equine Rescue Services.

I am a highly experienced handler being born in the saddle as my father was a jockey. Competed up to 
County level showing and BD dressage with my Shires and Clydesdales so used to handling large horses. 
Calm, conscientious and patient with Shetlands to shires.

DEFRA and WATO authorised type 1 transporter Level 3 certificate of competence awarded by British Racing School. Full public liability, custody, care and control, and hire and reward insurance.

We carry hay/haylage, water and a full first aid kit in case of an emergency. 

All documents can be downloaded by selecting the buttons below.

CCTV live stream is provided direct to the cab.

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